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What does a ‘SAM’ mean?

‘SAM’ is a name used to refer to a university student education volunteer who works at H-JUMP SCHOOL, which is a compound word of scholarship student and teacher.
SAMs are scholarship students funded by Hyundai Motor Group and regional partner universities (Kyungpook National University, Pusan National University, and Kangwon National University), and at the same time also a teacher who is dispatched to the H-JUMP SCHOOL Learning Center to guide youth learning.

What qualities are most required for in a SAM?

Hyundai Motors Group Education Volunteer Corps H-JUMP SCHOOL SAMs are a teacher for youths who need educational opportunities, who empathize with the students, cultivate a sense of community for the community, including youths who study together, and solve problems that can arise between activities.

The qualities most required during the program are the sincerity and passion to engage in activities enthusiastically for 10 months and the patience and leadership to teach and understand and wait for youths who do not like to study, sincerely thinking about them as brothers and sisters.

Do you need to have prior education volunteer experiences in order to become of SAM?

No. Even if you don’t have prior education volunteer experience, you can apply if you have a strong will and passion to study with the youth. However, preferences can be given to the selection based on one’s experiences with the youth and what one has felt through education volunteering.

What is the selection process for SAM?

During the selection period, applicants who have successfully applied will be screened for documents, and interviews will be conducted for successful applicants.

Successful candidates who have passed the interview are classified as the primary candidates for the final selection, and only those successful candidates who have attended the orientation and received the basic training as a SAM can be selected and put into education volunteer program.

How will I be connected with the youths to study with?

The youths who need educational opportunities are attending the learning centers you will apply for. In order to select the best match for both the SAMs and the youths depending on subject and the students’ needs, representatives of each learning center and the H-JUMP SCHOOL Secretariat office go through in-depth discussions to select the right match of the SAMs and the youths who will be together for 10 months.

How are the days and hours of activity set?

In the SAM application form, the days and times of activity for each learning center are specified. When applying, be sure to check the contents, and select a learning center where you can be active and fill in the application form. When selected, you will be able to work on the day and time of your will.

Can't I just be active for one semester?

The Hyundai Motors Group Education Volunteer Corps H-JUMP SCHOOL is a one-year program. If a teacher who promised two semester activity fail to keep one’s promise, from a youth’s perspective, does it not only interfere with the student’s learning but also can hurt them emotionally. We hope to work with those who value their commitment to the promises with the youth.

Can I change the learning center during the program?

The once assigned centers cannot be changed. It is a principle to stay in the same learning center for 10 months because it is important to establish a lasting relationship with the connected youth. However, depending on the circumstances of the learning center and the youth, the youth may be re-matched.

The mentoring of employees with Hyundai Motor Group's mentor is impressive. How is it actually carried out?

The Hyundai Motors Group Education Volunteer Corps H-JUMP SCHOOL has 2040 young mentors who can understand college students well. After being selected as a SAM, the chance to meet a mentor in their field of interest is opened in a variety of ways, such as “salon de JUMP” (large group mentoring) and “small group mentoring”. SAMs can apply for and participate in mentoring events that attends to their preferred time.

In addition, there is an opportunity for “one-to-one mentoring” that is 1: 1 mentoring with an Hyundai mentor. In the beginning, you can exchange brief introductions through a mentor via e-mail, and after that, you can freely meet up with the mentor 1: 1 to an in-depth mentoring.

Can the scholarship be combined with other scholarships?

H-JUMP SCHOOL’s scholarship is a volunteer scholarship that allows benefits from other scholarships. However, other scholarships may have restrictions on overlapping benefits, so please check the criteria on receiving the scholarship. Please note that the H-JUMP SCHOOL Scholarship will not be deducted from the tuition fee, but directly paid to the student.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions about H-JUMP SCHOOL!

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