[HMG TV] Hyundai Jump School Vietnam: Kick-off Ceremony

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△The kick-off ceremony of the 1st Hyundai Jump School was held participating social workers per 7 education centers and 50 of college student volunteers both on and offline.(08.29.2020 @Lotte Hotel Hanoi)

Hyundai Motor, Kicks off its Education Volunteer Corps


In Vietnam, the first Hyundai Jump School has begun its full-fledged activities.

This is the first time that Korea’s educational social contribution has taken a step overseas.

Hyundai Motor held a launching ceremony for its first ‘Hyundai Jump School’ in Hanoi, Vietnam, on August 29th.

The Hyundai Jump School, a college student education volunteer group aimed at fostering future talent and resolving the problem of alienation from education, has attracted 5,400 people over the past eight years, creating about 15.6 billion won in social value as of last year.

Despite Vietnam’s first overseas expansion, the Hyundai Jump School showed a high competition rate from the recruitment process.

About 4,000 university students in Hanoi read the application, showing keen attention there.

Hyundai Motor will select a total of 150 Vietnamese university students over the next three years.

The first 50 students are going to provide customized learning guidance and psychological and emotialnal support for the underprivileged in the country for four hours every week for about 10 months.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor plans to provide 1 million won in scholarships to college students who participated in the volunteer work as well as mentoring programs with career counseling experts to provide a foothold for them to grow into future talents.

Among southeast Asian countries, Vietnam which has a high potential for growth, has been selected as the first overseas country for the Hyundai Jump School, drawing more attention to its achievements.

Hyundai Motor plans to continue to carry out various activities to foster future talents and provide opportunities for youth education.

The source: HMG TV

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