Education Volunteer

Hyundai Motor Group Education Volunteer Corps H-JUMP SCHOOL selects university students who are willing to give back to the local society by education volunteer, and dispatches them to local learning centers(Local children centers, welfare centers, middle and high SCHOOLs, ect) in need of academic and emotional support for 6 hours every week for one year.

Youths that have met with the SAMs have been showing a steady development in terms of academic achievement as well as academic determination and concentration levels. In choosing their career paths, SAMs are as trustworthy as youths’ parents and teachers as they consult with them in decisions.

Education Volunteer in Numbers (2013~2018)


Accumulated number of SAMs


Accumulated number of youths


Accumulated hours of study

Motivation for Higher Grades

Decreased Cost of Private Education for youths


Based on) Hourly Tutoring Wage 16,000KRW * Study Hours
Reference) [Statistics Korea] 2016 Average Hourly Cost of Private Education for Elementary and Secondary Students: 16,000KRW

Case : From being a youth mentee to becoming a SAM

““Coming from Uzbekistan, I wanted to go to university but I didn’t know anything about the college application process or how to study. At H-JUMP SCHOOL, I met SAMs and they helped me get information on the universites I wanted to apply to and helped me in preparing for the requested materials in applying for the foreigner-track college application, like writing the Statement of Purpose and various certifications on extracurricular activities. They even helped me through preparing for the interview. We got to do a mock-interview 1:1 session. Without SAMs, I wouldn’t have made it this far, preparing for university this smoothly and I wouldn’t have become a SAM myself.””

Chun Naja, SAM (5th H-JUMP SCHOOL)

Career Mentoring

Hyundai Motor Group Education Volunteer Corps H-JUMP SCHOOL provides mentoring from groups of mentors from the community to the SAMs who contribute to society through education volunteering. The mentors from the community at H-JUMP SCHOOL consisted of various fields such as the employees of Hyundai Motor Group, enable SAMs to use their own competences and develop as talented members of future society through a broad range of mentoring such as career consulting to life advices.

Career Mentoring in Numbers (2013~2018)


1:1 Mentoring


Small Group Mentoring


Large Group Mentoring

Decreased Cost of Career Education for University Students


Based on) Cost of Job Consulting for University Students 300,000KRW/Mth * Active Months * # of University Students
Reference) [Young Government of Korea] Average Monthly Cost of Job Consulting for University Student:s 300,000KRW

Case : SAM who was being mentored becoming a Mentor

““ As a SAM of Hyundai Motor Group Education Volunteer Corps H-JUMP SCHOOL, I was able to meet youths in need of educational opportunities and also I was empowered to choose my own career goals and paths via various mentoring sessions from mentors from the community. Now as a mentor based from Hyundai Motors, I strive to continue growing by sharing my experience with the SAMs.””

Oh Min-young Mentor (Hyundai Motors Domestic Sales Department/ SAM, 2nd H-JUMP SCHOOL)