Learning Guidance

H-JUMP SCHOOL’s SAMs provide 6 hours of academic mentoring every week for 10 months to youth mentees. Long-term and regular academic guidance can help adolescents improve their basic academic skills and build a desirable learning attitude.

Also, by providing customized learning guidance for each level with an average of 4 youths per 1 SAM, it helps them develop their own self-directed learning skills by inducing their interest and motivation for learning. This will be the first step for young people to realize their goals and dreams.

Emotional Support

H-JUMP SCHOOL’s SAMs provides counseling, career exploration, and design tailored to every student’s needs. Also, they can develop a sense of warmth and a sister/brother-like connection during this process.

SAM Library


We present to you a guidebook designed to be used as a guide for the SAMs to meet with youth mentees or professional mentors during their activities.

While working as a SAM, check out the guidebook full of information such as basic rules to be followed, instructional guidance, TIPs for emotional support, and mentoring etiquette that you need to know for mentoring!

Download Guidebook