Education and Training

H-JUMP SCHOOL provides education and training programs that are timely and appropriate throughout the activity period to further improve the capabilities of SAMS on their communication skills, on-site adaptability, leadership, and teamwork required during educational service / mentoring. Through the opening ceremony, orientation, and pre-training, university students will be trained as a SAM in advance, and through training and training programs such as mid-workshops, they will have time to share difficulties between activities with fellow SAMs and solve them together.

Through such education and training, SAMs can understand themselves objectively, learn the attitude to understand and accept others, and have the ability to form effective relationships with youth mentees and leadership skills for mentees.

Activities of the Management Team

SAMs participating in the H-JUMP SCHOOL not only grow as future leaders through a series of courses such as education and training / education volunteer / mentoring, but also foster leadership through management activities that are independently planned and operated as a part of the H-JUMP SCHOOL program .

The management team, which is composed of leadership group of that year, one representative SAM from each learning center, an education team and a public relations team, organizes a platform for sharing experiences to efficiently conduct educational services, or organizes recreational activities for strong networking among SAMs. Through these works from the voluntary management system, we can strengthen diverse leadership competencies required in all areas of society.

Abroad Field-trips

H-JUMP SCHOOL provides an overseas visit opportunity for outstanding SAMs who faithfully participated in education volunteer and capacity building activities in the course of one year.

In the west coast of United States (LA and San Francisco), abroad field-trips were held on the theme of “The Beginning of Innovation, Corporate Culture of Silicon Valley”, and in the east coast of United States (New York and Boston), the theme was on “The City of Academic and Freedom”. Outstanding SAMs, selected on the basis of their sincerity, diligence, and activeness when participating in mentoring and capacity building programs, took part in this opportunity.