Who are SAMs?

‘SAM’ is a name used to refer to a university student volunteer who works at H-JUMP SCHOOL, which is a compound word of scholarship student and teacher in Korean.

SAMs are scholarship students funded by Hyundai Motor Group and regional partner universities (Kyungpook National University, Pusan National University, and Kangwon National University), and at the same time also a teacher who is dispatched to the H-JUMP SCHOOL Learning Center to guide youth’s learning.

At the same time, SAM is a word that reflects the core values of H-JUMP SCHOOL, which reflects the responsibility as a problem-solving partner that solves the inequality of educational opportunities together.

What we look for in SAMs

Timeline for SAMs


Selection for Local SAMs and Training


Preparing for activity and preliminary fieldtrip to the learning center


Commence Education Volunteering Activity



1st Visiting Meeting at the Learning Center



1st Activity Progress Assessment


Mid-Workshop and Complementary Training


2nd Visiting Meeting at the Learning Center




End of Education Volunteer and 2nd Activity Progress Assessment

Main Activities for SAMs

6 hours of educational volunteer per week

6 hours of educational volunteer per week during the program period(March-December, 10 months)

Participating in Mentoring from Hyundai Motor Group

Participating in career mentoring provided by the executives and employees from Hyundai Motor Group

Participating in Capacity Building Training

Participating in Capacity Building Training needed for education volunteer (Preliminary training, Mid-workshop, ect)

Voluntary Management Team Activities

Voluntary management team activities within the SAMs such as a leadership group, education team, and public relations team.

Main Benefits of Becoming a SAM

Scholarship Funding

Scholarship Funding of 2,500,000KRW

Completion Certificate and Awards

Completion Certificate and Awards for SAMs awarded by Hyundai Motor Group

Opportunities for Abroad Field-trips

(Limited to outstanding SAMs) Provides opportunities to visit corporations abroad and opportunities for mentoring

Opportunity Provided for Exemption of the Paper Selection Process

(Limited to outstanding SAMs) Opportunity Provided for Exemption of the Paper Selection Process of Hyundai’s Happy Move Global Youth Volunteer Organization

Applying for becoming a SAM?

SAM of H-JUMP SCHOOL is a teacher for adolescents who are in need of educational opportunities. From March to December, for a duration of 10 months, SAMs will engage in learning guidance and emotional support activities tailored to their needs.
Please join us in realizing a society that provides equal learning opportunities to everyone, and at the same time providing a mentoring program for the SAMs and enabling them to grow to become future leaders.

<Eligibilities for applying for SAM>

Diligent University Students

A diligent university student who can participate passionately until the end of program

University students who can lead

A university student who can become a teacher of youth students by becoming their sisters or brothers, and patiently wait, understand, and lead their mentees.


(Since the application qualifications vary by region, be sure to check the details in the local application notice when applying.)

<Selection Process of SAMs>

STEP 01.

Call for Application and
Open Application Submissions

STEP 02.

Selection through papers

STEP 03.

In-depth Interview

STEP 04.

1st Round Selection of SAMs

STEP 05.

Opening Ceremony and Orientation

STEP 06.

Final Selection of SAMs