Hyundai Mentors?

SAMs are provided in-depth advice from mentors, including employees of Hyundai Motor Group, during their participation in H-JUMP SCHOOL.

Hyundai mentors who have expertise in their field provide practical advice on the concerns of SAMs. Mentors of H-JUMP SCHOOL try to go through the concerns of SAMs together, rather than presenting them with “the correct answer”.

In addition to job information, Hyundai mentors develop relationships with SAMs by talking about topics that take into account the interests of mentors and mentees, such as relationship between job and major, dating, travel, hobby, financial, service, and college life.

It served as an opportunity to change myself.

“SAMs are a mentee for me, but at H-JUMP SCHOOL, they are a mentor to teenage students, so it was easy to make a connection. SAMs enthusiastically approached their mentees who did not open their minds through education volunteer activities. I was also inspired from the SAMs attitudes and started looking for what I had to do and what I wanted to do. Mentoring activities enabled me to change myself, when I was tired of my heart-less social life.”

Lee Hyun Young Mentor, Hyundai Motor Group

Mentors of Hyundai Motor Group

A mentor group consisting of employees of Hyundai Motor Group, interested in the concerns of SAMs, coming from diverse fields of research and development, design, overseas and domestic sales, public relations, personnel and education, strategy, planning, policy, finance, and legal affairs, conduct in-depth mentoring by connecting the interests of SAMs.

University Alumni Mentors

Through mentoring sessions with mentor group composed of alumni from Kangwon National University, Kyungpook National University, and Pusan National University, the organizing bodies of H-JUMP SCHOOL. SAMs can discover their possibilities via the experiences and mindset of mentors.

H-JUMP SCHOOL Alumni Mentors

As a mentor group from H-JUMP SCHOOL SAMs, they become mentors with the desire to share their experiences and abilities for junior SAMs, just as an alumni (a graduate) who enters the society after graduation grew through the mentoring they received when they were SAMs. Alumni mentors and SAMs have common experiences, enabling mentoring on deeper understanding level to be possible.

To Become an Hyundai Mentor?

Hyundai mentors’ active participation in mentoring is a great incentive for SAMs to help youth mentees grow.
In the long-term, high-density volunteering process, SAMs go beyond simple academic support and form a strong relationship with the
adolescents as an older sister and older brother.
As a role model and senior in life, please share your experiences so that SAMs can grow wholeheartedly.

<What we look for in an Hyundai Mentor>

Passionate mentor

Mentors who can emphasize with the vision and missions of Hyundai Motor Group Education Volunteer Corps H-JUMP SCHOOL, and actively support and participate in activities

Responsible mentor

Mentors who take responsibility for activities that lead to positive changes to each other as well as growth of SAMs by showing their expertise in relations with them

Thoughtful mentor

Mentors who respect the diversity of SAMs and support the pursued values