Salon de JUMP

Just as ‘Salon’ in France in the 17th and 18th centuries meant a place for cultural exchanges regardless of status, ‘Salon de JUMP’ is not a unilateral knowledge transfer between professional mentor and SAMs, but an open experience mentoring in the form of a talk concert where sharing takes place.

SAMs select issues and interests of living as a young generation in South Korea, and we invite 3 ~ 4 professional mentors as speakers to communicate and explore together about a wider world with various perspectives in addition to their knowledge in their fields.

I have gained the courage to move forward

“These days, I used to blame myself for obsessing over what I’ve been lacking. Looking at the mentor I met at Salon de JUMP, I could look back at myself. I may not have even started my way yet.
Through this broad and sincere mentoring from hobbies to careers and employment to life, SAMs can grow and gain the driving force of life. As I listened to the story of the road I hadn't taken yet, I relieved my fears of the future to come and encouraged me to go that way.”

Kang Seok Hee SAM (5th H-JUMP SCHOOL, Participated in ‘Finding a Career Disregarding your Major’ Salon de JUMP)

Small group mentoring

Small group mentoring is the basic mentoring format of H-JUMP SCHOOL.
Mentoring is held in the form of a meeting with one theme, and one mentor in which 5 to 8 SAMs participate in.

Mentors and SAMs who have the same interests gather in small groups, and they share information obtained during the process of solving each other’s concerns or discuss in-depth under one topic.

It also served as a motivation for my company life.

“I had a good time with 6 SAMs interested in my job-related keywords
(a limitless career path of a mentor majored in art history).
They had similar interests so we were able to share a variety of stories in a short time.
I was also motivated about my personal company life that I found tiring thanks to the purity of the SAM. By meeting several SAMs at once, I also received a lot of positive energy.
I can't forget the students who were so enthusiastic.”

Moon Hye Wook Mentor (Employee of Hyundai Motor Group)

One-on-one mentoring

One-on-one mentoring helps SAMs grow as mentors participating in the process of growth as a prospective member of society.

Mentors and SAMs work together to achieve a single goal over a period of time.
This provides an opportunity for SAMs to make better choices by encouraging and supporting them to advance to the next level.

It is as if I have gained the most supportive advocate.

“The mentor I met via one-on-one mentoring gave me a lot of advice and honest answers to my concerns.
He helped me find a solution to my worries in connection to his personal experiences.
It was even more heartfelt as he advised my based on what he had experienced, full of affection.
Working as a SAM was very difficult physically, as I not only had SCHOOL life, but also had to do education volunteer activities. However, mentors were very supportive that we were able to go through the times well. Even after the activity, I often exchange text / email with the mentor.
It feels like I have a supportive adult whenever I have concerns.”

Jang Min Su SAM (2nd H-JUMP SCHOOL)